Circle Talking to Square on Instant Messenger

Circle454: Hey! What’s going on Square??
Square123: Not much just sitting around. One of my four sides are kind of sore from geometry…it sucks! What are you up too??
Circle454: Oh man that sucks. I am sure glad I do not have any side to get sore while we are in geometry. I really like being round J
Square123: You’re lucky but I am glad I only have to figure out my area and perimeter. Trying to find radius, circumference, and diameter is just way too confusing for me.
Circle454: Confusing it is so easy…I am not good with multiplication so trying to find area is hard. Multiplying length times width is just weird.
Square123: Well I am going to tell you a little secret!! You do not even need to use multiplication. You can just add up all of my sides and then you still get my area. You have to use that weird thing called π… it is not even a number.
Circle454:It is to a number!!! Its 3.14 and its called pie! And thanks for that little secret I will make sure not to tell triangle haha J
Square123: Well it’s not really a secret…you can tell triangle I like things to be equal. I got to go though it is time for me to go to art we are building stuff today!
Circle454:Okay see ya later square and I will be sure to tell triangle your little secret ;) have fun in art! I am just going to keep being 360 degrees and super board sitting at home!!!