July 13th 2010 my whole world turned upside down, but not until the events that occurred later that night did I find out that life as I know it would never be the same. Love is something that I was fortunate enough to experience at an early age and for 4.5 wonderful years with an amazing man who stole my heart as soon as I made my journey to Central Michigan University. His name was Kemp Luchie and what started as a friendship grew into a unbelievable unexpected bond. When I first met Kemp he was the most amazing person I had ever encountered and although I tried to play hard to get and for sure wanted to have nothing to do with him, because he played football I gave it a shot anyways. I remember the summer before my freshmen year everybody including the most influential adults in my life jokingly told me… Now Britney when you go off to school be careful with the athletes and for sure do not fall in love with one for heaven sakes! So obviously when I found out that Kemp played football 2 weeks after meeting him I had to stop and say to myself, “of course Brit of Course!” but there was something about this guy that I just could not shake so I called up mom and dad and broke the news and like the amazing loving parents they always have been they were very happy for me and stated how they have always believed I had the best judgment ever since I was a little girl. Kemp and I began to date September 27th 2005 and I could not have been any happier! Days turned into months and months turned into years that passed and every day we were together we found a new love for each other no matter what, you could say it was one of those situations when no matter how hard of a day we each had either with each other or someone else we always made sure we were happy with one another every day. Maybe not all day every day but we made sure we were happy every day….
This past July 13th Kemp was taken away from me in the most unimaginable way. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time and unfortunately got mistaken for someone else. I was in Lansing at the time and had just gotten back from Chicago for a family reunion 2 days prior and got the call… Britney Kemp has been shot you need to get back to Mt. Pleasant as soon as you can. Immediately I dropped the phone and not even thinking about the severity of what I just heard screamed for my mom and dad and told them what happened and we got on the road. As frightened as the thought of Kemp not making it through never even crossed my mind, because he literally was in my eyes and in the eyes of everybody else The Incredible Hulk. I tried to stay strong although my heart was sinking and I could not hear anything around me in the car other then my thoughts and how I wanted to get back into Mt.Pleasant as soon as possible. Although my mom was driving as fast as she could at that moment it felt like we were going literally 5 miles per hour. 13 miles left YES! we are getting closer I am that much closer to seeing Kemp in the hospital and seeing that everything is going okay. Then I got the call from his cousin... Mike is everything okay I am almost there and all I get for response is the sound of him being choked up MIKE answer me!!! Is everything okay and then dead silence Mike finally catches his breath and says, Brit he didn't make it! I honestly don't know how that call ended I don't remember much after I heard those 4 words I just remembering screaming and telling my mom and the rest is a blur. My mom and I finally arrived in Mt. Pleasant and went straight to the hospital to find over 200 of our closest friends and family praying in a circle for the lost of an angel that night. Words will never express how much it meant for me to have that support and to know not only so many people have a love for Kemp, but that they loved me enough to be there. At that moment with so many people around that cared I couldn't breath and as social of a persono I am typically the thought of even speaking to someone made me want to die. I honestly never thought I was going to ever laugh, eat, or even love someone again. I was broken and as days went by and the funeral passed each day began to get a little easier. Eventually I began to eat again and boy will I never forget the first time I laughed again it was the most incredible feeling ever and never in my life before this happened did I ever think of how much we take laughter for granted until that very moment. Friends came by and eventually I started going out to see people and even decided to go back to school and finish my last year here at CMU not only for myself, but because I now live everyday to make Kemp proud of me. Life does go on after death I am living proof and everyday I live my life to the fullest, because nothing is promised. One thing I can say is that throughout all of this, I never lost faith in God or even remotely thought of questioning his actions or hating him for taking Kemp away because I know he has a reason for everything that he does. Our God is an Awsome God and our bond has gotten closer everyday. Currently, I am finihsing my last semester and enjoying life have even begin dating an amazing guy I thank God for everyday! There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of Kemp and some days are easier then others and I imagine they always will be but I am still here to make sure his spirit never ever dies and have come up with amazing ideas for him to always be remembered. One out of many is working on a scholarship in his name here at Central Michigan University.

I believe that life goes on after death