Crafty Crafts

I enjoy doin some crafts
I have me a special box.
It's filled up with random stuff,
Yes theres even Assie roxs

I've got papers and crayons and
100 different kinds of glue.
I've got ribbons and glitters
colored bedazzlin jewels too.

If it's a rainin outside,
or it's too cold to go sled.
Then you'll know where 2 find me,
doin somethin crafty instead.

Some peeps may say with envy,
my craftiness is quite kiddish.
What do they know anywho,
they ain't nothin but skiddish.

When I darn get in the zone,
with my thinkin cap strapped tight.
My mind goes a swirling,
with shapes and colors so bright.

So what should I make of this,
God given talent I've got?
Do I show off my mad skills?
Or keep um hidden to rot.

I dont know the answer to,
the questions found up above.
So ill just do what i do,
and fill my craftwork with love.