A Time with a Parent that I’ll Never Forget
“Trading Power!” These were the famous words that were said while my dad and I were on the hunt for teeny beanie babies from the McDonalds restaurants. Growing up through elementary and middle school, beanie babies were one of the coolest things to collect and after a few years of the full size beanie babies being out, McDonalds restaurants decided that they would give out teeny beanies with their Happy Meals. Once the word got out, my friends were rushing to try to collect them all.

“Daaad! Guess what?! You know how I love beanie babies, right? Well, McDonalds are giving out Teeny Beanies with their Happy Meals and I have to get them!” “Oh wow that’s really cool honey, maybe we can go this weekend and get you a Happy Meal” said dad. “Oh come on Dad we gotta go NOW," I said. My dad could see how excited I was and how badly I wanted to start collecting them. I’m assuming he starting thinking about all of the times he took me out to collect the full size beanie babies, and how much fun we had. Dad then said, “Okay Deb throw your shoes on, McDonalds here we come!”

Dad and I jumped in the car and drove off. We drove to our local McDonald’s right down the road from our house. We pulled in and ordered a Happy Meal, well actually three; one for me, one for dad and another to give me some trading power! I was getting so excited to see what beanie I was going to get. “Oh Dad thank you so much for being so cool and bringing me out tonight, this is so awesome,” I said while waiting at the pick up window. This young boy handed us our three drinks and three boxes with our meals. “Open it, open it Dad, what did you get!? Oh look Dad I got the cute pig, I bet you got the same.” “Hey Deb look at this we got a different one, I was given a little brown dog," dad said. “Oh cool, that’s Rover. Let me check out the other trading power box. Cool another dog," I said. Dad and I began to drive home while eating our yummy cheeseburger and fries. I was eating with a huge smile on my face the whole way home because I already had 3 beanies.

Beep Beep Beep…I woke up to the sound of my alarm and I was ready to get up and get to school so I could show my friends my three teeny beanies. I jump on the bus and who would have known people were showing off their teenies and trading them around, even the bus driver was participating. "Hey Deb! Did you go out last night and get a beanie?" asked Amy. "Yea I did, and I not only got one, but my dad even bought a meal for himself plus an extra, so I have 3!" I said. Everyone on the bus heard and just starred at me. "Show us what you got," they shouted. I held up my pig and two dogs, and from looking around they all either had the pig or the swan. I was a celebrity on the bus that morning. All the kids thought I was so cool and that I had an awesome dad. They were correct with the thought that I have an awesome dad. I have the very best! Once everyone settled down, I began thinking to myself..."Hmm trading power huh, I have two dogs and Beth has the swan. I do not have the swan yet, so this is where trading power comes in". "Hey Beth, how's it going? I see you have the swan. Hey I have two dogs and I'm willing to trade you one of my special dog beanies for your swan. What do you say?" I said. "Beth said, well I don't like swans really and I have a brown dog at home so, sure the trade sounds like a good one." I was thinking in my head man now this was easy! I knew that I would need to ask my dad to take me out again and buy some more teeny beanies.

Finally it was time to go home and the bus stopped in front of my house and I ran off of it as fast as I could. I wanted to get to dad and tell him all about my day at school with my teeny beanies and how I worked "Trading Power". Once I told him everything that happened on the bus, he was so excited and said, "One minute, I have a surprise for you." I was thinking that maybe he was going to take me to McDonalds for dinner, but I just wasn't sure. "Okay close your eyes, said Dad and put your hands out." Dad set a paper bag in my hands and then he told me to open my eyes. What did I see? A McDonalds bag and it was heavy! "Oh Dad what's this?" I said. "Open it and see for yourself," he said. I opened the bag, started screaming and jumping up and down. "DAD, I can't believe this... a whole bag of Teeny Beanies!" I yelled. The bag was full of all different beanies, fifteen to be exact! There were eight different ones and the other seven were some doubles, for some more trading power. "Oh dad, Thank you so much. This is amazing. How did you get them all? That is a lot of Happy Meals" I mentioned. Dad said, "Well I talked to the manager's at a few McDonald's and they allowed me to just purchase the beanie's without having to buy the meals." "Dad this is the coolest! I have so many new ones and the trading power I have now is unbelievable!" I said. I was so excited and couldn't wait for school the next day. I knew that I would be one of the only kids at school with all of those beanies.

For the next several weeks to follow, my dad and I continued to collect more teeny beanies until I had not one whole set of beanies, but two complete sets. Having two sets allowed me to have one set stay in their original package and I could also have another set opened up. In addition to my complete sets, I had several duplicates that were great for trading and they gave me all the power. I continued to trade with my friends on the bus, at school, and even my bus driver. My dad made such a great memory for me to remember forever and forever.