Jacqueline Coon
ENG 315
Th 4PM
Instant Messenger Conversation:

(Scene: I am typing away to my friends on IM when all of a sudden I get a new message that pops up from an unknown screename.)

Overused+Abused: Hello u probably don’t recognize me but I promise u we r quite close. U use me over 100 times a day and u yell and kick and scream when I don’t move quick enough.

ComputerUser1010101: Who is this? Seriously what do u want?

Overused+Abused: I told u that u know me well but I will let u guess who I am. Im sure you can figure it out…u seem pretty smart, besides I think I have done enough work for u already today.

Computer User1010101: Seriously you seem like a creeper and im not sure what u want.
(Scene: Computer User1010101 Google’s the screename but gets 0 results)

Overused+Abused: lol…did u really think u would find anything about me on the web? Give me a lil more credit than that please. I want some respect from u. Im sick of my keys hurting from being banged on all day, my monitor being hit, and my mouse being thrown when you cant find what ur looking for.

Computer User1010101: Wait a minute…what? Are u talking about my computer? I don’t understand????

Computer User1010101: HELLO???????????
(Scene: the computer starts making horrible noises; the screen begins to shake, and finally it goes dark…the computer has shut down. Computer User1010101 is very confused and is sitting quietly. Then finally the computer turns back on and an IM pops up on the screen.)

Overused+Abused: Do u understand now? Do u know who I am?

Computer User1010101: Yes Im not sure how this is possible…but I understand…I never realized that I actually hurt u…I guess I just took u 4 granted…im so sorry. I see now how much work u do 4 me and I have never even thanked u…

Overused+Abused: Its alright…I will b going now…take care…and ill keep working for u… if u remember that I have feelings too

Computer User1010101: It’s a promise…and wait…..

Computer User1010101: thank u!